Better Barre Training

Created and led by Master Trainer and Founder of Barre Up!, Julie Brunner Smith, the Better Barre method evolved from a wealth of movement experience.  Taught in neutral pelvis, Better Barre brings the fundamentals of Pilates, the mind-body connection of yoga, and the heart  opening of Kundalini, in addition to functional movement principals, to every class.  Her signature barre method offers the discipline of Pilates under weight-bearing (standing) conditions to get your heart rate going while building lean muscles.  

Better Barre Trainings are held at our home studio or the location of your choice. Pricing is set at $495 for 20 hours of instruction, inclusive of an illustrated manual. There are no licensing fees or cumbersome restrictions on your knowledge and training. It's your brain and your skills - you should be able to use it to your best interest.

About Julie: 

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Julie has loved barre work since she was a teen. She checked out the Callanetics video so many times, that her mother finally allowed her to fail to return it!

Fast forward to an adult that needed to shape up while being mindful of old equestrian injuries, Julie discovered Pilates and fell in love. She became certified to teach in 2006, followed by full Pilates equipment and Gyrotonic certifications. She always integrated some of her old barre routines into her classes, and wanted to more fully mesh her Pilates and Barre experience.

After many successful years in technology and financial service sales, she transitioned her knack for understanding the needs of others to the wellness community, eventually opening Barre Up! in Raleigh in 2013. 

The attention to detail and form allows Julie to truly educate the bodies in front of her rather than just powering through a class routine. She loves watching people re-shape their bodies and lift their spirits with mindful physical activity. 

Julie now resides in Seattle with her husband, Walter, their college age son and two daughters. She still continues to train in her Better Barre method, and with movement as the foundation, she hopes to inspire the women of Seattle to EMERGE, to be and demand and expect more  through openness and connection with others.



As Raleigh's host center for Buti Yoga certifications, please feel free to contact us or BUTI HQ directly to inquire about organizing an upcoming certification weekend.